Russian as a Foreign Language

Russian Language course is based on the books which are the latest development in the communicative approach to learning the language. Our course will enable you to acquire perfect Russian communicative skills.

With AcademConsult training you get engaging, up-to-date course materials delivered in a format that’s most convenient for you: face-to-face or live online instruction; multimedia self-study; blended options; study abroad programs and more.

AcademConsult delivers:

• Comprehensive range of products and services for language instruction
• Personalized learning one-on-one
• Excellent instruction based on 25 years of experience
• Measurable results
• Consistent quality & assistance
• Many academic recognitions

Course aims:

Grammar needed for effective communication with native speakers
Extending vocabulary skills
Speaking and listening skills
Pronunciation skills

Sample list of topics to be studied:

Greetings. Objects that surround us; City; My day, time; Person; Shopping; In a restaurant; In an office; At a café; Likes and dislike; Summer holidays; Reasons; Future plans; Transport; Traveling; At a railway station; At the airport; Meals; Parties; On the Phone; Joint ventures in St Petersburg; Business cooperation; Comparing products; At the bank; Purchasing; Finding investors; Negotiations.

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